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Do female deers know the Reconyx trail cams are there?

On two occasions I have had a doe walk right in front of the Reconyx RC60 game cam and then look direrctly into the camera. They seem to know its there. Other animals don't respond, pigs, coyotes and large deer pay it no attention. Does Bigfoot?

You can see her looking just before she took off running.

There is a theory that they can hear high frequency sound. The Reconyx puts out a very high, but faint, high frequency that is inaudible to human ears. It is so faint that its surprising the doe can hear it. The bucks never seem concerned. This is something I need to do more research on.


The Buck seems unconcerned. They always do.

She is getting ready to take off. This happens a lot. Not all the time, however.


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Been looking at trail cam pics online and noticed distinctly that the does detect the camera. I think it's a feminine trait originally linked with child rearing. In my household the females notice things that the guys are absolutely oblivious to.

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