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Many people have heard of UFO rod theory put forth by Jose Escamilla, a film maker and UFO researcher. He believes they are UFO's flying so fast that only video cameras can capture them. ´╗┐Escamilla first video taped rods in Roswell New Mexico when he was filming a documentary. They... Read more

Watch "The U.S. government knows Bigfoot is Real! Jeff Meldrum and Todd Standing talk Sasquatch" on YouTube

Todd Standing and Jeff Meldrum combine on this. Related articles A major Bigfoot hoax for 2013 from MABRC and the royalty of Bigfoot A Bigfoot bridge to nowhere ISU professor will search for bigfoot using blimp Calling it quits for Bigfoot Bigfoot DNA Tests P.rove Hairy Creature Exists, Genetic Researcher... Read more

Alex Evans has sponsored, perhaps, the first and most successful Bigfoot conference held in the south. It also pioneered away from the usual subject matter and was focused on language and linguistics. Historical recordings have been compiled that seem to show Bigfoot uses language. The amount of work necessary to... Read more