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October 21, 2012 - October 27, 2012

Timbergiantbigfoot defends his "in the bush" video debunking Phil Poling

Jim "timbergiantbigfoot" makes a case defending himself against the debunking video by Phil Poling of Team Tazer Bigfoot. Jim uses Dr. Bindernagel to show how tall the Bigfoot was he video taped. Cool. I got it. That creates even more mystery. Why did Jim take the video down? Even his... Read more →

Bigfoot Oil and gas companies have created miles and miles of "pipeline right-of-ways" or "senderos" through dense, otherwise inaccessible forests of South/Central Florida. Sometimes these "senderos" provide a brief navigational respite from having to rip through thick palmetto and cabbage palm. Following the powerline roads will get you back into... Read more →