Monday, December 17, 2012

Bigfoot sighting in Ocala National Forest

OBSERVED: I was out trail riding in a remote part of the Ocala National Forest when I became stuck in a mud hole. I was out there for several hours waiting for someone to come pull me out. What got my attention first was the sound of someone hitting something against a tree which striked me as odd considering where I was at and I didn't hear any other vehicles prior to the knock so I proceeded to approach the sounds after walking about 300 yards away from my vehicle I saw what I thought was a huge man in a ghillie suit striking a pine tree with a large stick as I got closer I realized it was not a man but a huge creature that I will never forget as long as I live. It had a huge chest probably 60in. across and though it was in a slumped standing position it had to be 8 feet tall with long muscular arms and long chest and mid section like its legs were shorter than chest area. As I was trying slowly to back away to get back to my truck I stepped on a stick and it immediately turned to look at me using its whole body to do so and then it ran off caring stick in a graceful stride through the woods.

BFRO Report 37275: Dusk sighting of a bigfoot tree knocking in the Ocala National Forest

Piltdown Man hoax mystery solved

The fossil remains of what became known as the Piltdown man were discovered in a Sussex gravel pit in 1912. The find was hailed as a missing link in the evolutionaryladder between apes and humans, evidence of an ancient humanancestorthat lived 500,000 years ago. It would take another50years for Piltdown man to be exposed as a hoax, how it had been orchestrated andwhohadbeen responsibleforithoweverwas toremain a mystery.

Now a group of archaeologists, palaeontologists and anthropologists are to hold a meetingto discuss the results of a new investigation in to the hoax aimed at solving the mystery once and for all. Among the suspects are amateurarchaeologist Charles Dawson who discovered the bones and Sherlock Holmes authorArthurConanDoyle.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Awsome new Bigfoot blog

I have started a new blog that will present our evidence for the Florida Sasquatch. It will show the evidence we have found over a period of years. This is presented in an aggressive fashion because we have so much of it.

Go to to see it all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Setting up a Bigfoot podcast

Kevin and I are thinking about doing a Bigfoot show but we want to podcast it. This is us in a studio with lights doing a Skype interview. The visual on this is Good and it will allow graphics. It is all in the planning stage. We have so much going on right now which is good. Kevin is the tech guy with the studio and the link ups.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A theory about tree lines

A9eKOJ0CUAEUrrbWhen we were on our last overnight recon, I was drawn to a treeline that was in the distance. There was something about this I had seen before. kevin said he had the same impression. It was the classic feeling that we were being watched. Let me say I don't often have that feeling. Most of the time it is a real sense that your are hideously alone.
(This is the tree line we saw from up close)
We were moving up a dirt forest road and I shined my 1,000,000 candle power light at the tree ridge line south of our position. I could not help think how easy it would be for them to just stand on the edge and watch us. I know they have done that many times. If we approach, they simply go back in.
The mistake we made that night was we only stayed on the forest road. We were new to the area and I knew there was much more going on deeper in the woods (Why not, I had recorded a Bigfoot earlier that day on video. I just did not know it at the time and would only discover it five days later when I looked at the video). Keven and I knew we had to return during the day when we had time to explore more.
A couple weeks later we did get the time. The are is only an hours drive from the city and it is very remote way out in the county. We were amazed at what we found out there. Swamp and massive amounts of wildlife and large game trails everywhere. The only way you can find these things is to get off of the forest roads and make your way deep inside.
The swamp area inside the treeline - not visable from the forest road
When you consider this is the area where a year ago Kevin and George found the footprint trackway and I had the sighting, this has to be an awesome area. Kevin came up on a coyote and ran off. It was big and black and not a pet. Again, wild animals are always a good sign. We know they make their way into non hunting areas and so does the Sunk Ape.
The trail cam was deployed in here and it is now only a matter of waiting for it to do its job and collecting the results later. We are very excited about this area.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Tree Graveyard

Kevin calls this area the "tree grave yard" because of the deadfall. Amazingly, there is much animal activity and it is near a swamp. We saw coyotes going in here. We really like this area.
We ended up deploying the trail cam here. I am excited about getting positive results. There is so much going on out here.
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