Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cotton mouth ready to strike (Fo Shizzle)

Reconyx RC60
The area we were in is a dangerous place. These videos show a cotton mouth ready to strike at Kevin. I walk by it because you can't be afraid or you don't belong here. Go back to the city and stay on your computer keyboard.

They call these things "Water Moccasins" because they swim in the swamp! The next video shows me dredging through the water to get to the trail cam. Do I look afraid? I should be. This area is full of snakes, wild boar, coyotes, black bear and other wild animals.

Work called me when I was at the trail cam. They wanted to know If I could run a call. Not much I could do. I told them Kevin and I were "camping."

The Reconyx RC60 had 8,255 images on it! Wow! There is some great stuff on this card. It is blowing my mind. However, it is going to take a long time to look at and consider each one. The images will be coming soon.

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