Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The trail cam area last Spring

This was six months ago before this area became a lake. The pig would have been under water. The last deployment taught us that wildlife loves the swamp area when its dry and that pigs don't swim. Without critters, the big guy stays out as well. :

We went back to trail cam "C" after three weeks in field. We loaded new batteries and switched out the media card. This game cam will sit out until November. That will the only time it will be possible to get back in there. The storm season is upon us in Florida and the water in the bugs will prevent any real access to this area. That is exactly what we want.

If this animal is a swamp beast, this will be the perfect environment for him. You can see by these pictures that the area is teaming with wildlife and other predatory animals. Food sources abound. Combine water, cover, vegetation and meat and you got a skunk ape paradise.

A Wiley Coyote
He sees the camera..damn that Wiley boy
A mother in her child on a misty morning
A black hog
A wild turkey (bottom left)

Kevin and I exchanged the old batteries for the new Copper Tops that should provide enough life until November. The purpose of this trial cam project is long term and months left in field is the ultimate goal. Short outings, even up to a month, is not reccomended by people with lots of experience doing this. The criptid can smell man like deer can. Your scent is left behind up to five days after you have left the area. You really want the area to be clear of your presence and let the trail cam "settle in" and become part of the environment.

For example, Derick Randles of the Olympic Project says they leave their cams in field for six months in very remote locations. It often takes overnight backpacking trips to reach them. They have to be marked with GPS coordinates so they don't lose any units.

That would be our ultimate goal with this project. Areas north of the Green Swamp such as Ocala National Forest would afford overnight backpacking to reach areas in the wilderness areas, far away from any campers with RV's.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fasano Bigfoot video breakdown

Mike Rembis does an independent and fair breakdown of the Green Swamp Skunk Ape video. He concludes that I must of filmed something that day and the video does not seem to be a hoax. Thanks for your honest opinion on the matter.

Trail cam images from last deployment

There were 8,255 images on the media card from the trail cam. That is a large amount to sort through and analyze. The sequence of images seem to tell a story of what happened out in the swamp during the Summer months and I am not ready to say the big guy was not out there. There were a few anomalies taken place.

There was tremendous activity in the area and a large tree seemed to have fallen in front of the camera, during the summer, laying down. Then, it then was gone! There did appear to be a current flow to the water but I don't think it was strong enough to move it.

There were several night sequences when something was moving in the water but just out of range. There was also a large splash in the water. Don't know what that was all about.

Then there was that thing just standing there between two trees that shows up on different days. I still have a long way to go in checking out the images for clarity. There a few to give you a feel for what was going on aout there. Did I mention the UFO rod that went flying by!

June before the rains came

The area is a lake after tropical storm Debbie

August and the lake is drying.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cotton mouth ready to strike (Fo Shizzle)

Reconyx RC60
The area we were in is a dangerous place. These videos show a cotton mouth ready to strike at Kevin. I walk by it because you can't be afraid or you don't belong here. Go back to the city and stay on your computer keyboard.

They call these things "Water Moccasins" because they swim in the swamp! The next video shows me dredging through the water to get to the trail cam. Do I look afraid? I should be. This area is full of snakes, wild boar, coyotes, black bear and other wild animals.

Work called me when I was at the trail cam. They wanted to know If I could run a call. Not much I could do. I told them Kevin and I were "camping."

The Reconyx RC60 had 8,255 images on it! Wow! There is some great stuff on this card. It is blowing my mind. However, it is going to take a long time to look at and consider each one. The images will be coming soon.

Time to get wet and muddy

We are starting to sink into the mud. From what we see, it is only going to get worse. I will get that game camera out of here and I am prepared to get wet and muddy. That is why I am wearing cloths headed for the laundry. We are going to move the trail cam somewhere off of the horse trail where the sighting was at in the Green swamp. This watershed is loaded with wildlife but we feel the need to expose it to other areas.

Friday, November 16, 2012

8,155 images on the media card

It is taking 40 minutes to download the 8,155 THOUSAND of images that are coming from this media card. Phil Poling once tried to mock me by stating the card capacity was 14,000 images. And your point was? This Reconyx RC60 has nailed it. I hope at least one of these images is what will put this mystery to rest.

It is still uploading images. Only at 42% and 3,600 loaded. WTF!

It started out good

The grass area leading to the cypress dome was dry and not too many bugs. That would go downhill quickly.

The cypress area is at a lower elevation and as we went in the water got deeper. Kevin started walking on logs like a tight-rope walker. I just forded ahead and got very wet. Not much on the grace and balance.

Even two tropical storms over Summer did little damage out here which was good. We had no GPS mark on it, and used the landmarks we photographed five months ago. We did spot the camera but you had to swim past the gators and snakes to get to it.

Going into the swamp

Are we having fun! This is me moving over a log in the swamp the water is getting deeper as we go in but we are getting closer. We already had one encounter with a cotton mouth snake. You could see the white of its mouth. Video coming up. We will find that trail cam!

Waiting at the trail head

Kevin going a few miles on a side trail where we once saw prints to see what we get. we are incorporating new gear all the time. Its good to try different stuff in Bigfoot research.

Kevin will be meeting me soon at the trail head and we will go in and find the stealth cams.

Return to the trail cams today

Follow along today on this blog as Kevin and Tim go back to the trail cams that have been deployed for over five months. We are very excited about this outing.

We will be posting details, photos and video unique to this blog. In fact, tonight at 8:00Pm I will post many of the images here before the rest if the world sees them. If we get a sequence of Bigfoot, you will get at least one of the images. We show our work.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who are the real fakes in the Bigfoot business

Not all frauds are as simple as a freezer with a monkey suit in it. Some of them are very sophisticated because they involve science. Hence, the essence of a confidence game is to gain trust. The video below was about the Ketchum Project or Erickson Project. People are taken in because they believe the people involved are real.

The video below I did 18 months ago. I think it is more true today then it was then. Of course, I was called every name in the book. I was the fake; I was the hoaxer; I was what was wrong with Bigfoot. Oh yeah?What could that Fasano guy know, right?

I and my team are supplying real evidence and we continue our work EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. We are WHAT IS RIGHT ABOUT BIGFOOT not the Ketchum scam or everyone that only sits behind their damn computer or does a stupid pod cast or radio show. When you are watching Finding Bigfoot my team and I are in the woods looking for the damn thing and we may have done just that.

When Kevin is not looking for ghost or Bigfoot, he is a professional musician in a Christan rock band. Here is a video I hope you enjoy of him in action. They are very good and will be in the big time one day. He is a good man and a hard worker. I am glad to call him my friend.

Shawn got the wrong Bigfoot

I'm glad Shawn of Bigfoot Evidence blog is looking at my video. However, what he points to is Spanish Moss. That shows how misleading it can be when on video. That is what I now think the "lion face" was.

I don't think any of Shawn's hateful readers have even bothered to view the video because I am getting lots of favorable comments on my YouTube channel and those cannot be his viewers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two views of the palmetto line were the sighting was at

This is from way in front of the palmetto line and one taken from behind on the line on the horse trail. This is how I believe these creatures can navigate large tracks of wilderness. The Green Swamp is 120,000 acres and it makes total sense. Why try to carve out a trail in the thick brush when you can use what man has already made. Take a good look at these photos.

From in front of the palmetto line
From the horse trail behind the palmetto line

The Sighting video from the Green Swamp of Florida

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Standing where the Sasquatch stood

Kevin and I have returned to the sighting area and found the exact spot. We have concluded our test and determined the animal was upwards of seven feet. That was based on using six foot three Kevin as the stand in like Bobo and accurate measurements. Kevin works in TV production and is a professional. Being with him is like being wirh one of the "Myth Buster" guys. There will be much more coming. Check out Kevin.s blog at www.enigmaticanomalies.com

The Florida Bigfoot sighting video (segment)

This is the important part of the Bigfoot sighting video taken in the Florida Green Swamp. I am holding back the entire video to protect my rights to it. Good news. We will soon begin shooting a pilot episode for a potential cable TV Bigfoot show. The guys I currently work with are already TV production professionals and understand how this stuff is done. I will be learning along the way. I have purposly surrounded myself with talented guys and it is now paying off. We have brought in an outsider to manage, produce and edit the project. This project will last months.

We are in the planning stages and this video will be part of it. We are also lining up people who have come forward with Bigfoot pictures, videos and cast from Florida that have not posted anything on the net or contacted BFRO. Witnesses and material will be unique to this project.

We are putting in all we have to make this a go. I am sure people will find the show not only entertaining, but as this video shows, we will present  compelling evidence. We may even through in a little monkey for entertainment.

NOTE: This is the LONG and SHORT version. It is unique to this blog and is not on YouTube. You will see it bob up and down before it shows itself in the open. There are at least one other to its right (viewers left) that is desperately trying to hide in the palmettos. This video shows 1) SOCIAL INTERACTION 2) USE OF PATHWAYS they used the horse trail behind them to enter and exit field 3) The are DESPERATELY TRYING TO HIDE they don't want to be seen by man.

Field video (Unique content)

This was taken on the way home from the Bigfoot outing. In the future this blog will be full of unique content. We will painstakingly detail our research with text, pictures and video, to give a clear understanding of our field research and the trail cam project. It is getting real now folks.

The parabolic mics for Bigfoot research

This is a good shot of Kevin and George with fancy audio mics. These devices can pick up sounds from long distance in concentration.
This Winter we will be camping often in the Green Swamp. When I have camped alone before, I have often heard animal calls in the distance at night. This will now allow us to record those sounds for analysis.
I suggest we concentrate along that horse trail behind the sighting area. I know we will get results. Good job guys. Go to EnigmaticAnomalies.com
for more details.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Kevin shows off the parabolic mic

Kevin works in TV production and he and Geroge are always coming up with new stuff. Since we were going to a known Bigfoot sighting area, it made sense to bring something like this because they may be in area and we could hear them from a distance. It is a really cool device.

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