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November 2012

Piltdown Man and the Ketchum Bigfoot DNA project

Piltdown Man Press Conference In 1912 Charles Dawson held a press conference in London with an important announcement. He had discovered during a dig in the Piltdown region of England a fossil of an ancient skull. Dawson believed this skull was a bridge between Neanderthal and modern man, the missing... Read more →

If you have seen something that you can't explain and think it may be Bigfoot, consider contracting us. You privacy will be protected at all times. In fact, a special email has been set up for Bigfoot reports at: sightings@sasquatchevidence.net Please provide details and approximate location and a contact phone... Read more →

FB/FB has nominated Kevin Kehl and Tim Fasano candidates for 2012 Bigfoot researchers of the year. We are in with some famous and well known researchers. It is an honor to be mentioned in this group. It certainly means our hard work is being recognized by those that matter in... Read more →