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October 2012

"We are live at the Skunk Ape trackway" on YouTube

One year ago today the massive trackway of unclassified primate footprints was found. It was clear that a pride of them were moving thru during the first week if migratory season that is why we there. Our night operation is geared for recon and stealth with gradual emersion into area... Read more →

Timbergiantbigfoot defends his "in the bush" video debunking Phil Poling

Jim "timbergiantbigfoot" makes a case defending himself against the debunking video by Phil Poling of Team Tazer Bigfoot. Jim uses Dr. Bindernagel to show how tall the Bigfoot was he video taped. Cool. I got it. That creates even more mystery. Why did Jim take the video down? Even his... Read more →