Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alone at a Bigfoot Campsite

This camping trip was the week before Christmas 2011. It was in a South West Florida Water Management area that I had gotten permission to be on. The campsite was along a river that forms a watershed miles from a state road. The seclusion is perfect for this type of work. The campsiet overlooks the begining part of three major rivers in Florida and I had it to myself.

On this trip I had left my video charger cord at home so I had to use my DSLR Nikon. That was fine for I got to listen more to the environment. Unfortunatly, as fate would have it, there were some interesting audio I could have recorded to analyze later. Thats just he way it goes I guess.
A nice campfire was in order
After exploring around the river past sunset I headed back to camp. I built a good fire and just sat around enjoying my surroundings. That was when I heard a faint howl from far away but north. It could have been anything but it was methodical in its cadence. I really wish I had a way of recording it, but no luck.

I cooked a good dinner and settled in for the night. I did not sleep well for I was alone and knew wild animals were out there. The view of the stars was magnificent. Florida is dry and cool this time of year and the night skies are brillient to observe. You really must get away from the city to see them in all their glory. It give you some idea what people saw every night centuries ago.

The moon right at sunset above the campsite

The owl on the other side of the river
I did not find Bigfoot on this trip but Kevin and I were able to get out there the next month and do some real night exploring. By yourself is alright but it certanily is more fun in a group.
You can see I'm the only one out here

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