Friday, June 8, 2012

What we found on the Bigfoot trail camera

We went back to trail cam "C" after three weeks in field. We loaded new batteries and switched out the media card. This game cam will sit out until November. That will the only time it will be possible to get back in there. The storm season is upon us in Florida and the water in the bugs will prevent any real access to this area. That is exactly what we want.

If this animal is a swamp beast, this will be the perfect environment for him. You can see by these pictures that the area is teaming with wildlife and other predatory animals. Food sources abound. Combine water, cover, vegetation and meat and you got a skunk ape paradise.
A Wiley Coyote
He sees the camera..damn that Wiley boy
A mother in her child on a misty morning
A black hog
A wild turkey (bottom left)

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