Friday, May 25, 2012

A Bigfoot footprint in Florida

This is not just a Skunkape print, this may be a Sasquatch print and it was found on the same latitude as Orlando. It is similar to the famous Ocala National Forest print found decades ago. It is also similar to the print found by George & kevin in the Green Swamp last October.

The only way this type of Bigfoot evidence can be found is people must get out in the woods. You won't find this behind your keyboard.

This print was found three years ago by going to an area of a class A sighting reported on the BFRO website. For new people getting out in the field, I recommend using this website to find active areas.

Part of the problem I've had is going into areas that have no sightings. I do believe there is no bad area. You just have to work smart when your time is limited

1 comment:

  1. Every one keeps on downing us ppl on computers.i'm disabled so I get my bigfooting thrills and knowledge from y'all that are able to go into the woods....


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