Friday, April 13, 2012

Tim Fasano on the Damian Bravo incident

The majority of his followers of Bigfoot Evidence Blog are trolls who have been blocked by me and other Bigfoot researchers from Facebook and YouTube. They are harmless since they merely spout the party line, and urban myths, that have sprung up about me. They do not like my looks, my size, my occupation and other pejoratives that have nothing to do with research. That by itself I could almost live with. Recently, however, something happened that I am not going to just live with. I was wrongly accused of hoaxing by someone who represents himself as a reporter, but is nothing of the kind. His name is Damian Bravo and he is associated with an organization called Team Tazer Bigfoot.

TTBF is a collective of keyboard jockeys that obviously have no field research background, which was amplified by my experience with Mr. Bravo. Damian, Kevin and I went out last Easter Sunday in the swamp to do a maintenance check on a trail cam that had been deployed for 21 days. It was important to inspect the area, change the media card and batteries, and lock it down for the next six months until November. All was going well as we hiked along a dried out creek bed to gain entry into the area. That is when Damian thought he saw something.

He thought he saw an upright, dark figure with head and shoulders moving through the palmetto field. I had my back turned at that instant and Kevin was looking ahead. Damain yelled out there was something in the brush and we went into the area to investigate. We were, however, unable to find anything. After questioning Damian about it size, movements, color (cloths), and so forth, he insisted he had seem “a bi-pedal’ dark animal. I did not see it but I was hopeful he had seen some of the phenomena that has been going on out there in the last three years. We continued and finally reached the trail cam.

I found Damian Bravo to be a nice guy with a good mind. Kevin and Damian hit it off well and I was excited about this possible alliance of different research groups. Damian shot a ton of video from two different cameras. I could tell he was having a good time. We accomplished our mission and made our way back to our cars. All was well and we headed home.

Before we left, I told him I could not wait to get home and begin downloading my videos. If you’ve watched me for the last three years, you know I am a YouTube guy. That is what I do. Damian then made a strange request. He asked that I put everything up on YouTube as “Private” and send him the emails so he could copy them and edit them on his site. He wanted to be the first to post them.

When I got home, I thought about that arrangement. I did not like it. In the field, I was very excited about meeting a new friend and I may have said no problem. I reconsidered that based on a couple things.

I went to his YouTube site and seeing that this guy has never set foot in the woods, I began to wonder about him. Kevin called and asked me if “Damian Bravo” was his real name. He thought it sounded too made up. I was getting second thoughts about giving him full control over my videos.  I changed my mind.

I put up the video that shows the possible class A encounter. He clearly states he saw something and would not back away from that stance. I realized now why. He was a novice to the woods, and all newbie’s have sightings on their first trip in. That is normal. He saw that I published it on YouTube and became very angry.

He would later say I HOAXED THE WHOLE THING. He claims I had put a stooge in the woods with a monkey suit on. A stooge who would respond on cue. That cue was I ‘taking a fake piss.’ The stooge, according to Damian, was Rick Dyer(?)This is a preposterous assertion.

Damian did a counter response to the video I did as a quest poster on Bigfoot Evidence Blog. He put my image in a collage of Biscardi and Rick Dyer to give the impression I was in on the 2008 Georgia Hoax. For someone who wants to be respected in the Bigfoot world as a reporter, that was not ethical or moral on his part.

He said he wanted to report about me without any bias! Oh really! That image was biased. He claims he was set up. Can you prove this Mr. Bravo or are you just going to slander me and my friend Kevin? There is no other way to view this. You have no proof of your accusation. The statement that Rick Dyer was in the woods is mind boggling for any rational person to understand. However, let me get to the point.

In the video that is posted here you will hear me tell Mr. Bravo I did not think he saw Bigfoot. I believed he saw “the interplay of light and shadow.” In short - A BLOBSQUATCH. However, there was the potential that he DID see something. Especially the way he clung to it, and would not let it go. Kevin told me he did not believe Damian and was suspect about it.

Damian said he wanted to give me a second chance. What! Who the hell is he to be giving ME a second chance. I gave him a FIRST change. That was the chance to come from behind his computer and actually get into the woods. Kevin and I have been out in the woods twice since we last saw you. I bet you have not. Nothing slows down our research.

In addition, I confided in you that the recession has been hard on me. That was personal. You went public with that… You are low class sir.

The only thing that happened Sunday was you ran your stupid mouth while I was running tape. You made those claims; I did not. You also shot a bunch of tape. Where are your videos? Where is the video that proves it was hoax? You can't produce it because it does not exist. You are too much of a coward to show your videos because they do not SUPPORT YOU HOAXING CLAIM.

I am getting very tired of people like you calling me a hoaxer with no Goddamn evidence. Prove it Mr. Bravo or take down what you have said about me.

Oh, what the does Rick Dyer have to do with this? You have lost me there amigo.

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