Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A possible Class A Sighitng by a member of Team Tazer Bigfoot

I had an opportunity to go out Easter Sunday with Damian Bravo of Team Tazer Bigfoot and Kevin Thomas Kehl of Enigmatic Anomalies. I have worked with Kevin many times in the swamps and he has been instrumental in locating spots for trail cam deployment while inspiring me too go even deeper then I ever have before. With the introduction of Damian of Team Tazer, the opportunity was groundbreaking. Face it, you really don't see alot of groups working together.

Damina Bravo and Tim Fasano in the swamp
You may have noticed that at the start of 2012 my research took a turn that I think is for the better. One, I have only focused on my field work and stopped commenting about what others are doing. Two, I almost always work with others now. Everything from a weekend canoe trip in January to deep field work in the swamp with Kevin has been included. If you have been watching ALL my videos, you know that Kevin and I have found some remarkable things.

A large field of prints in the flood runoff plane was found and now casted. Kevin also found what we think is hair five feet up on a tree. As you know, we are not experts in zoology. However, we show and put our stuff up for others to give input. Everyone so far believes it was hair we found. The prints we found have toes and are large. We also found a strange pig kill that even hunters have not been able to tell us how it happened. We did not represent that as a Bigfoot kill, I only said Matt Moneymaker on National TV said BF kills in such fashion.

Kevin and Damian examine the footprints
In the past, I faced ridicule and scorn by working alone. People said I was 'hoaxing' my stuff. The fact that I was alone meant I could pull anything I wanted, and nobody would be there to observe. Now, that I only work with other people who have experience (an attempt to elevate my game), I am now being accused of 'riding on others coattails.' It seems you can't win for losing in the Bigfoot world.

I have gained nothing by doing this. I am losing subscribers and blog hits. In early 2012 I  had over 900 subs on YouTube; today I have 890. I am losing ground. Gee, I thought if I went "legetimate' I would get more. My blog used to get over 15,000 page views a month when I trashed talked; I am now down to about 7,000. I am losing ground. Going legit does not seem to be what you people want. I do this on my own dime. I am paid nothing. Just what is it I am supposed to be after?

In this video you will see Damina Bravo of Team Tazer describe what he saw in the woods. HE SAW IT - I DID NOT. You will also see us walk up on some prints and hear his genuine reaction to that. Again, am I that cleaver to get all these people to go in on some hoax while I lose YouTube subs? This makes no since.

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