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Enigmatic Anomalies stands up for Tim Fasano and the Seminole Project

Kevin Thomas Kehl
(A guest post from

Hi, I'm Kevin Thomas Kehl with Enigmatic Anomalies (yes,the spelling is correct).

I founded E.A.R.S. (Enigmatic Anomaly Research Society) several years ago with the explicit mission to study all things strange and paranormal. I/we would never hoax, embellish or stretch any story that we are working on. We don't believe in it and is part of our mission statement.

When I decided to create the webshow "Enigmatic Anomalies" to cover the hard work of others out in the various fields (including our own) I chose Tim Fasano because I had been following his videos on You-Tube for a while,he was local and seemed very knowledgeable on the subject of Bigfoot.
He was our first interview and was nothing short of a perfect gentleman.
Little did I know that it would turn into a working relationship.

Since that interview we have collaborated on several investigations with Tim and have NEVER seen anything that would lead us to believe that he was the hoaxer that everyone was making him out to be.

Since Tim has started his Seminole Project I have personally gotten more involved with his work.

I shot this pig video while on a mission to retrieve a media card from a trail-cam and is what "I" considered to be an anomaly.

Yes, it could have been any number of things that killed this pig, but since we were on a "bigfoot expedition" it seemed fitting to title the video "possible" bigfoot prey. Why not?
Is it exciting to think of it as such?
Sure! That's why we all do this. There is a level of excitement involved in all paranormal investigations but at the same time keeping a level head.

At no time did I or Tim say this is definitive.

Also, Tim did not lead me anywhere.
As a matter of fact Tim had no idea where we going to wind up as I was the one taking him down small unexplored paths and wound up miles from where he thought we were.
There is no way Tim cut the pig and placed it there.
You can lay that misnomer to rest.

I labeled it as an anomaly because of a collection of various reasons:

* Middle of the week, not a soul around. Not even in the parking area when we returned.

*Area off limits to hunters. If it was a hunter that did it, then it was a "poacher" and if so why leave the delicious baby-back ribs and ham? Just for a trophy head?

*The freshness of the kill with absolutely no signs of blood or other body parts. It had to have been killed within 24hrs.

*No tear marks on the upper portion of the body.
It was a clean cut. To me if it was an animal there would be tear marks all over. We were not near a water source so you can rule out an alligator.
Can a bear do that? I don't know.

Again, this does not absolutely make for a bigfoot kill. That's why I asked for suggestions at the end of the video.

I can't speak to experiences anyone else has had but mine with Tim have been nothing but positive.
He is genuinely interested in providing reliable information while at the same time shooting something that is not painstaking to watch.

I look forward to posting more stories and videos of our investigations and discussing the enigmatic anomaly of bigfoot further.


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