Monday, April 9, 2012

Bigfoot Research with Damian Bravo of Team Tazer Bigfoot

Easter Sunday was a special day. I had the pleasure of working with Damian Bravo of Team Tazer Bigfoot. We planed the outing after a conference call with Shaun of Bigfoot Evidence blog. Since Damian was currently in Florida, it seemed like a natural thing to do. I told Mr. Bravo that he could take all the video and images he wanted, just as long as he did not reveal the area we were in. He agreed.

I met Damian and we went to the trail head were he interviewed me on camera for about 25 minutes. He set up his lighting gear and cameras right on the edge of the road and again - no questions were off limits. After the interview, we headed for the trail.

It was a beautiful day with clear blue sky's and low humidity. That was good because we had a long hike in front of us.

I was able to show Damian what are strategy is and why we select areas to work. Much thought goes into these decisions. The area we headed for was chosen because it the epicenter of the South West Florida Water Management flood zone area. We the amount of vegetation, water, cover and wildlife, it was perfect for a Skunkape habitat. Damian agreed.

I will have more later as I post the videos. They really tell the story. At one point, Damian saw something moving in the Palmetto field. We ran in and tried to track it down, with no luck. Damian, on camera, told us exactly what he saw. I could tell from his initial reaction that it was genuine. He seems to be an honorable man.

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