Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seminole Project trail cam has images on it

I went back to the first trail cam that was deployed and found it had 39 images on it. How cool! This was considered the first major test of the device to ensure we are setting them correctly and we can now confidently deploy them for months. Long term is the way to ensure results. Areas need to be uncontaminated by humans. That is why we have worked so hard to find areas were nobody goes into.

Finding locations for these Reconyx RC60 cameras is harder work then I thought. Unlike regular 'squatching' where you are observing and recording your environment, with this project, you must go deeper then your comfort zone will allow to find a very remote area. We all believe the big guy does the same thing. It is time Bigfoot researchers start going into these areas and get off the trails. The Seminole Project has taught me that concept very well.

Here is a video of me after I found the camera and checked the batteries and hit count. There was a large pig in the area and I had to scare it off. Scat was also found in front of the camera. I was hoping to find something there.

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