Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seminole Project proving swamp flood plane perfect sasquatch habitat

She walked right in front of the camera
They say Bigfoot needs food, water, and cover to survive. He lives in remote areas, and perhaps, only moves out of his comfort zone when migrating. The results from the Seminole Project using a Rerconyx RC60 shows the flood plane they are in fits all of the criteria. The project wants their cameras to be very remote, Tim Fasano has even removed it from spots to go further out. With the help of Kevin, They have gotten into areas Fasano has not seen before. This plan of attack seems to be working.

Tim Fasano in field
Images are now coming in from the project that prove this area is rich and teaming with wildlife. The other night a wild hog was captured by the camera, and now, a group of deer were moving through. In the picture above, you can see the upper body of a female deer (we position the camera at a height of five feet). There are glimpses of other deer on subsequent frames. I believe she may have had yearlings with her.

What is  positive about all this is the hard work is paying off in verifying our tactics as being correct. It is just a matter of staying with a long term project to catch images of animals that just don't belong in Florida. A panther or wild cat would be an amazing discovery, as well.

Tomorrow I will show you how she reacted and why I think that is no matter for concern.

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