Friday, March 30, 2012

Strange skull found in Florida swamps

Kevin found this skull while we were forging our way to the wild river. I have done Google searches on every type of skull for animals and common birds we have seen in the swamp. Nothing close. The alligator does not even match. It must belong to something that has horns? Kevin has been hiking the Green Swamp for twenty years and he has no idea what this may be. At this point, it is a cryptid of some sort.

We had gone to Trail Cam number two earlier and it had 95 images on it. You can see some of those images on this blog and on my YouTube site. Good things are happening. When you are a dedicated hoaxer, you must work very hard and put in the miles and the time to 'hoax' these things. We are trying so hard on that.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Does Skunkape kill its prey like this?

This was from

Today Kevin spent a good part of the day assisting Tim Fasano with trail-cam recovery. It was a beautiful day for a hike in the swamp and surrounding woods.
Upon finding one of the trail-cams they were both excited to see that the camera had picked up 93 images!

Please log on to to see these photos when they are uploaded.

During the hike Kevin found a couple of different odd things. The first thing I found was the skull of some small animal. At this time I am not sure what it is but I am sure there is someone out there who can identify it. Please help me as I am not a trained biologist!

The second is the back half of a hog. It was cleanly severed in half with only a small tear near the ribs. There was no blood on the ground and there was no sight of the front half of the pig.

I don't think this was done by a person as who would purposely leave the ham and ribs? It appeared to be twisted in half after its' back was broken. I don't know if a bear would kill like this or not but I am hopping that there might be someone who can shed some insight

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seminole Project proving swamp flood plane perfect sasquatch habitat

She walked right in front of the camera
They say Bigfoot needs food, water, and cover to survive. He lives in remote areas, and perhaps, only moves out of his comfort zone when migrating. The results from the Seminole Project using a Rerconyx RC60 shows the flood plane they are in fits all of the criteria. The project wants their cameras to be very remote, Tim Fasano has even removed it from spots to go further out. With the help of Kevin, They have gotten into areas Fasano has not seen before. This plan of attack seems to be working.

Tim Fasano in field
Images are now coming in from the project that prove this area is rich and teaming with wildlife. The other night a wild hog was captured by the camera, and now, a group of deer were moving through. In the picture above, you can see the upper body of a female deer (we position the camera at a height of five feet). There are glimpses of other deer on subsequent frames. I believe she may have had yearlings with her.

What is  positive about all this is the hard work is paying off in verifying our tactics as being correct. It is just a matter of staying with a long term project to catch images of animals that just don't belong in Florida. A panther or wild cat would be an amazing discovery, as well.

Tomorrow I will show you how she reacted and why I think that is no matter for concern.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The heat is on in Florida and so is the project

I was out Saturday deploying trail cam number two in the lower Hillsborough Preserve. It's a protected wild area that covers the Hillsborough River along its most primitive stretch. I could not believe how hot it was.
Normally we would get these temperatures in early May. That is a good thing perhaps, for it will keep recreational activity down and the area will be undisturbed. Animals will then move around more and I have a better chance of getting something on the reconyx.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seminole Project trail cam has images on it

I went back to the first trail cam that was deployed and found it had 39 images on it. How cool! This was considered the first major test of the device to ensure we are setting them correctly and we can now confidently deploy them for months. Long term is the way to ensure results. Areas need to be uncontaminated by humans. That is why we have worked so hard to find areas were nobody goes into.

Finding locations for these Reconyx RC60 cameras is harder work then I thought. Unlike regular 'squatching' where you are observing and recording your environment, with this project, you must go deeper then your comfort zone will allow to find a very remote area. We all believe the big guy does the same thing. It is time Bigfoot researchers start going into these areas and get off the trails. The Seminole Project has taught me that concept very well.

Here is a video of me after I found the camera and checked the batteries and hit count. There was a large pig in the area and I had to scare it off. Scat was also found in front of the camera. I was hoping to find something there.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Seminole Project website and YouTube channel are up

Kevin, filming the deployment zone in the swamps
You can find the Seminole Project at the link here. We also have a Youtube channel at "The Seminole Project." We are right not a team of five guys that are committed to deep field deployment of covert stealth cameras. We use the Reconyx RC60. There is no flaw in its design for it emits no infrared signature. Check us out.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Seminole Project is now

Kevin and I spent the weekend putting up two trial cams in deep swamp areas. The areas we picked were lush with vegetation and water. They were secluded and nobody comes out here. Kevin has hiked this part of Florida most of his life and was amazed at just how deep into it we got. It was fun, but man was it a lot of work.

This is not easy. You must go deep and far away from people and civilization. If not, the study won't work. When you are finding animals, the people will not be around.

I have started a new YouTube channel that will be my primary channel now. It is called "Seminole Project." It will be a five year commitment to once and for all find evidence of the skunkape.

Monday, March 5, 2012

We redeployed the trail camera

Kevin and I found the trail cam I had deployed in Thursday. We needed to find a better location for it and use the locking mechanism.
That we found in a water filled swamp. This area also yielded prints leading out of the cypress hammock. This rocks.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Seminole Project is on

Armed with multiple trail cams provided by a private investor, the Seminole Project is on. This is a deep field deployment of stealth cameras to find photographic evidence of the Skunkape.

This is Kevin our technical advisor. He is a professional production guy, and a major asset to this long term project.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Trail camera deployed in deep jungle

My years of experience led me to an area of major Skunkape interest. All of the agreed upon elements area present -- food, water, thick vegetation for cover and remoteness.
I put the ReconyxRC60 covert game cam near the only river in Florida were they have a warning sign for canoe paddlers about the alligators and dead fall, and that you enter at your own risk. No hikers can get near it because the brush is so thick.
In the photo above, can you see the trail cam? Move five feet left or right and the camera is gone! That is just the way I like it.

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