Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bigfoot sightings in South Carolina

Mary Beth Pope is walking in tactical formation in the Sumpter National forest. She is a field research investigator for the BFRO an organization she has belonged to since her Bigfoot sighting in 2007. Her group is headed down the same overgrown logging road were she had her sighting.

Pope runs a wholesale food supply store by day and searches for Bigfoot at night. The Bigfoot Field Research Organization was formed by Matt Moneymaker in 1995, who was a law student at the time from Akron Ohio.

Her team likes to hike single file as they move down the forest service road about 20 - 30 feet part. The area they are headed to is an area of Skookum activity. That is a word uses in the Pacific Northwest to describe Bigfoot.

The methods used by field operatives is difficult work. It often involves hiking many miles and often finding nothing. Many will watch the Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot and what it would be like to do this type of work. When they get out there, the realize its not for them.

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