Sunday, January 1, 2012

Will a bonfire draw Bigfoot in at night?

My campfire last month
One of the things I do during night Bigfoot hunting is light a good bonfire. I  have been told that it may make Bigfoot curious and he will come to check it out. That may depend on what he associates it too.

It could mean food, but I have never heard of a Bigfoot coming into someones camp raiding it for food. I have heard of them coming into a camp at night after everyone has turned. Maybe researchers should fake going to bed then be on the lookout for something scavenging the camp. Having a camera trained at the fire may be the ticket.

I am only guessing for I have tired the bonfire but am unsure if it has done anything. It has allowed me to cook meat and vegetables over the fire. That is always a good thing. Bigfoot hunting can work up a good appetite.

1 comment:

  1. I find that Glow sticks or some unusual coloured light attracts them better. With the incentive of some food of course!


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