Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scenes from a new Paranormal TV show

Tim Fasano on the "Enigmatic Anomalies" TV show
 I recently shoot an interview for talk show at the studios of Enigmatic Anomalies TV show (on YouTube soon). The four guys that started this project live in the Tampa area and work for a major cable TV network on the production end. Paranormal activity have interested them all of thier lives. Now, with the skills they have at TV production, they are putting together a new show. This was the Bigfoot episode interview phase.

At first, it will be on YouTube to see if they get any real interest in it. Where it goes from there is unkown. They have the editing ability and production skill to do what anyone else is doing. They have great gear (thermal imagers and such) and I am very interested in working with them.

George, Tim, and Kevin on the spooky set.
They have promised me nothing, other then a slick DVD when this is done. Cool. I will take it.

I know a lot about lighting and photograpy and was blown away with the tech they used to create that "late night TV talk show" look. I was very confortable workig with them and I look forward to other projects.

We will be doing an overnight operation soon fiming live in the field looking for the Skunk Ape. I can't wait to use that thermal.

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