Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finding Bigfoot showing a hoax video tonight

I confirmed from Tim Stover today that the video by "Squatchmaster" being aired tonight is the same one that was debunked as a hoax. Unless, he has come up with something nobody has seen yet. The hoax he did was lame. It was in the snow at Saltfork state park in what is called the sasquatch triangle. In his video, you can clearly see one of his kids pulling on a tree and yelling. Tim Stover and Bigfoot Books Blogs exposed the video as a hoax. Does Matt Moneymaker not know this? I would like to think they are setting him up as a hoaxer (a new theme in this show -Todd Standing was on last week) to highlight real research standards. Squatchmaster is not really known for much else, and has no real body of work. I am looking forward to this show. Oh, way to go Tim

1 comment:

  1. problem is EVERYTHING they see on this show, according to them is a bigfoot.... they do nothing to try and DISprove it... (a la ghost hunters on tv)

    this makes them a complete joke.


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