Monday, January 2, 2012

"Enigmatic Anomalies" TV show with Tim Fasano skunk ape episode promo

George, Kevin and Rob all work for a major cable TV network in the production end and they have formed a new company called "Enigmatic Anomalies.'  Their work is professional and slick (as you can see in this promo). They are producing a pilot for a new cable TV paranormal series. The main emphasis will be on Bigfoot.

This company is based on a lifetime of interest in the paranormal by these three guys. Unlike many shows on cable,  they use objectivity and reason in how they approach this topic. Everything is not a Bigfoot and there is 'no squatch in these woods.' That is what an amateur will do; this series does not insult your intelligence. They only want you to think about these matters in ways you may not have.

My new friends are masters at lighting, sound and stage. I know you will be very impressed by what they are doing. There is so much more to come. Please watch this short promo video and see for yourself.

The best part is my house is six blocks from the studio and these guys all live in the Tampa Bay area. Home grown talent.

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