Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Possible use of man made objects by something found in the swamp

Yesterday before sunset
I am still looking at the videos I shot and trying to make sense of it. I did find structures but the way they were put together with the introduction of man made objects is something I have not seen yet. I also found 'biological' evidence. Just let me finish looking at the videos and I will have them up soon. Something very weird and strange went on yesterday.

You will see a large structure constructed with milk crates supporting the base. How these objects got that far out there is unknown to me at this time. That would show some form of intelligence other then base animal behavior

I got close up images and video of a body. It was in a state of decomposition but a body. Hair and skull were still there.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finding Bigfoot showing a hoax video tonight

I confirmed from Tim Stover today that the video by "Squatchmaster" being aired tonight is the same one that was debunked as a hoax. Unless, he has come up with something nobody has seen yet. The hoax he did was lame. It was in the snow at Saltfork state park in what is called the sasquatch triangle. In his video, you can clearly see one of his kids pulling on a tree and yelling. Tim Stover and Bigfoot Books Blogs exposed the video as a hoax. Does Matt Moneymaker not know this? I would like to think they are setting him up as a hoaxer (a new theme in this show -Todd Standing was on last week) to highlight real research standards. Squatchmaster is not really known for much else, and has no real body of work. I am looking forward to this show. Oh, way to go Tim

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two Sasquatch behind the trees

This video I shot two years ago is featured on the Facebook Bigfoot site FB/FB. They beleive it shows a 'blinking' Bigfoot that you can see from the 1:41 - 1:53 mark. They call it the blinking bigfoot. I had a very active day that day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dog with his head out car window

A fare of mine had a little dog and the back window was down. Sure enough, he stuck his head out the window. I see that all day long. The wind must feel good on their face.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

900 Subscrbers on YouTube!

I just picked up my 900th sub on Youtube. Someone must be watching my videos. I watched the Canada episode of Finding Bigfoot last night and I agree with Bobo about Todd Standing - he seems like the real deal. His watcher theory seemed to support what was going on in his video. I really like the guy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Base camp

The were very cold Sunday night and a warm campfire was needed. After cooking some food, we headed out into the darkness with IR night optics. We split up into a wide front and maintained contact with walkie-talkies. Two hous into it, Keven called us saying he was seeing something he had never seen before. It was demon eyes looking back. When I got to his location, I caught the "eyeshine" on video. The video will freak you out.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Infrared monocular night vision scope

This tool is awsome. I am out here in total darkness and I can see to the horizon. I am getting some great images. Got to go. It looks like delta team just got a hit.

Video still of the footprind

This was found on the "island" that you need a boat to reach. The river was full of deadfall and we almost fell in twice (gator food). We took about an hour getting firewood. We will need it. Also go to www.earshome.com/stream for more updates.

Follow live tonight a Bigfoot expedition

We will be searching the swamp and camping out in the freezing cold. We have a therma imager and are in an area of known activity. This image is from the river trip where we found a print inland after goin ashore.

Bigfoot in the cold

My cell phone is going dead. It is now getting dark.

Boat trip down the river

We are on the river headed for a lake nobody goestoo. We should get a good view of the shore line. I HOPE THIS PICTURE LOADS.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Floridabigfoot.org to show live updates from the field Sunday during night operations

A night optics camera (we will be using thermal imaging)
While you people on the East coast are watching Finding Bigfoot at 10:00, a group of dedicated Bigfoot researchers will be in the swamps of Florida doing a night operation on my blog Floridabigfoot.org. This will be part of our two day Skunkape hunt. We have been planning this for some time and the area picked seems to be perfect for our objectives.

I will be with a new and exciting team called Enigmatic Anamolies. They are developing a new TV show about paranormal activities. Bigfoot is only a part of what they are doing.

I hope you will tune in either before "Finding Bigfoot" or after to see what is going on. You will have to go to Floridabigfoot.org to see it. We are a new and exciting group of Bigfoot researchers with goals of finding real evidence.

The area we will be in is on the other side of where they found the giant find of footprints only a couple months ago. Anything close to that would make all of this effort worth it.

I believe anyone interested in nature should get "squatching." Check out the beauty you are missing in the video below. Check out that deer at night. Wow! How cool was that!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skunkape expedtion this weekend in Florida

I will be working this weekend in the field with Enigmatic Anomalies on a Bigfoot skunkape expedition. We hope to find something and will have tons for the website

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How I know Bigfoot Ancestral DNA is not human

This was recorded on the Enigmatic Anomalies TV show in an interview segment. I had an hour long sit down to explain my views on many Bigfoot topics. I know some of them are controversial, but I can back them up with logic. Face it, Bigfoot is not a tool maker, a fire maker, or an artist. These three things set us apart from all animals.

"Bigfoot will never be captured alive" Bigfoot Live Talk Show

On this video I explain why I don't think a Bigfoot will ever be the subject of a lab study. That is because he will never be taken alive. His evolutionary programing is just that good.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scenes from a new Paranormal TV show

Tim Fasano on the "Enigmatic Anomalies" TV show
 I recently shoot an interview for talk show at the studios of Enigmatic Anomalies TV show (on YouTube soon). The four guys that started this project live in the Tampa area and work for a major cable TV network on the production end. Paranormal activity have interested them all of thier lives. Now, with the skills they have at TV production, they are putting together a new show. This was the Bigfoot episode interview phase.

At first, it will be on YouTube to see if they get any real interest in it. Where it goes from there is unkown. They have the editing ability and production skill to do what anyone else is doing. They have great gear (thermal imagers and such) and I am very interested in working with them.

George, Tim, and Kevin on the spooky set.
They have promised me nothing, other then a slick DVD when this is done. Cool. I will take it.

I know a lot about lighting and photograpy and was blown away with the tech they used to create that "late night TV talk show" look. I was very confortable workig with them and I look forward to other projects.

We will be doing an overnight operation soon fiming live in the field looking for the Skunk Ape. I can't wait to use that thermal.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enigmatic Anomalies studio may be haunted

Is this building haunted?
UFO Digest posted an article today about the old cigar factory in Tampa Florida where Enigmatic Anomalies has their offices and studio, and the strange going on's that have been reported here. Considering the history of the building, and the rumors that it is haunted, and the fact that a paranormal investigation and production company has their studio here, that would be a good thing. Were they reading our minds and posted it on the day they would interview Tim Fasano in studio? Strange things are going on.

Paranormal investigation team in the old cigar factory
A. Santaella & Co. Cigar Factory sits on Armenia ave in the old West Tampa area. This part of Tampa was the neighborhood to generations of immigrant workers in the cigar factories of Tampa. They rolled the cigars by hand. It was a labor intensive business that employed thousands who made the finest cigars in the world. Many visiting celebrities, such as Babe Ruth, would come to the A. Santaella & Co. Cigar Factory to buy their cigars.
George of E.A.R.S
The building was closed for decades after Fidel Castro took power and the tobacco was no longer imported to Tampa. Many people were put out of work and that may have created negative energy.

It is rumored the building is haunted. Ghost hunters have investigated this building, and one even recorded an EVP. That is an Electronic Voice Phenomena that many believe could be the voice of the dead.

Enigmatic Anomalies has their studio and offices in this building. When they were doing a promo for the upcoming possible TV series on paranormal they recorded someones voice that was not in the room at the time. They have put the video up on YouTube.

They have plans on developing and producing many shows on paranormal topics. They take an open mind and try to debunk when possible. They are hard working guys that currently work for a major cable TV channel. This is a project they started with the idea of starting their own business. Why not? Paranormal TV is hot right now. They ratings on cable are off the chart. Just look at the success that Finding Bigfoot is having.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Video from Skunk Ape field operations with "Enigmatic Anomalies"

This is some raw video edited by me to show what is being found in the Florida swamps and wilderness. These footprints are very cool. So is the thing crashing through the jungle.

Monday, January 2, 2012

"Enigmatic Anomalies" TV show with Tim Fasano skunk ape episode promo

George, Kevin and Rob all work for a major cable TV network in the production end and they have formed a new company called "Enigmatic Anomalies.'  Their work is professional and slick (as you can see in this promo). They are producing a pilot for a new cable TV paranormal series. The main emphasis will be on Bigfoot.

This company is based on a lifetime of interest in the paranormal by these three guys. Unlike many shows on cable,  they use objectivity and reason in how they approach this topic. Everything is not a Bigfoot and there is 'no squatch in these woods.' That is what an amateur will do; this series does not insult your intelligence. They only want you to think about these matters in ways you may not have.

My new friends are masters at lighting, sound and stage. I know you will be very impressed by what they are doing. There is so much more to come. Please watch this short promo video and see for yourself.

The best part is my house is six blocks from the studio and these guys all live in the Tampa Bay area. Home grown talent.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Will a bonfire draw Bigfoot in at night?

My campfire last month
One of the things I do during night Bigfoot hunting is light a good bonfire. I  have been told that it may make Bigfoot curious and he will come to check it out. That may depend on what he associates it too.

It could mean food, but I have never heard of a Bigfoot coming into someones camp raiding it for food. I have heard of them coming into a camp at night after everyone has turned. Maybe researchers should fake going to bed then be on the lookout for something scavenging the camp. Having a camera trained at the fire may be the ticket.

I am only guessing for I have tired the bonfire but am unsure if it has done anything. It has allowed me to cook meat and vegetables over the fire. That is always a good thing. Bigfoot hunting can work up a good appetite.
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