Friday, December 23, 2011

What happpened to tcsjrbigfoot?

tcsjrbigfoot seems to have taken his youtube videos down Does anyone know why? He says trolls, burnout and bad blood with some Ohio guys was too much. He had a lot of new gear and will soon be on FINDING BIGFOOT. This does not sound like a guy ready to throw in the towel. What gives?


  1. Tcs is having marital issues right now along with his upcoming Finding Bigfoot appearance he is trying to limit negative comments about himself but it has backfired and it looks like he is just playing the victim again to get his subscribers to rally around him and protect him from those awful people that don't agree with his so called BF evidence.

  2. I know he got some major heat from a 16 second video using a FLIR in the daylight. It showed an upright something moving across the screen. Critics felt he faked it. Tim is a friend of mine and i believe him. That is why I show uncut vids so nobody can say I played with it.

  3. In all honesty, what tcs does is his business and no one elses'. He is no different than anyone else in the Bigfoot world,he makes mistakes like we all do. He's paid the price now let it go.


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