Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tim Stover Bigfoot Thinks Outside The Box

 tcsjrbigfoot has a video on his youtube channel that he is catching heat from people that don't know what the hell they are talking about. They are accusing him of hoaxing or conveniently having certain cameras on tripods or using a FLIR in the daylight. This shows how ignorant they are.

1) I am a FIELD RESEARCHER. I always have my camera on a tripod. You can fold the legs in and use it as a mono-pod for ground stability. If you see something, you can revert to a tripod for a motionless shot. I don't have all the fancy gear that Finding Bigfoot has, but I do have a Nikon D50 DSLR that hangs around my neck. If I need too, I will shoot that as well. We are not every tipped off about when something may happen; we just go with it with whatever camera happens to be in our hands at that exact moment.

2) DAYLIGHT: Patty was filmed in daylight. Nothing more to say.

3) FLIR in Daylight: The United States Navy developed FLIR to detect heat losses along conduits that transported super heated water. It was vital to avoid a nuclear meltdown that accurate measurements be taken. This was done with lights on. There is nothing about FLIR that says it must be used at night. Just go to FLIR.com and look at the video.

You people are ignorant and wrong for going after Tim Stove from your living rooms. Get out in the field. The problem today is that most people do not do research. They just want to observe like they are watching porn.

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