Friday, December 16, 2011

Proof Of Territorial Behavior ..The Owl and the Bigfoot and lack of comments

Note the configuration of the branches (compare below)
On May 31, 2011 I photographed this owl from across the river at the same campsite I was at last week on my Bigfoot hunt. The same owl came flying in and landed almost exactly on the same tree branch that gives a "birds eye" view of the watershed area (This owl was first spotted by Tom Biscardi who was working with me at the time). What is cool is this how animals will hang in the same area. We could use this little bit of knowledge in our Bigfoot research.

Taken with a Nikon D50 DSLR
The owl in the bottom image was taken on December 8th, 2011. That was seven months after the top images were taken. I believe it was the same owl. Tom Biscardi took a photo of it and featured it on his website under the Florida Bigfoot expedition. Now how cool is that!

I don't get any comments on this blog. Why? I get thousands of page views a week, and many repeat visits, but nobody leaves comments. That has got to stop. I don't mean to 'beg' for comments but the purpose of a blog is to get them. I will post more on this blog only when I get a comment. If the next one gets a comment, I move on. If no more comments, no more blog. Take it somewhere else and stop exposing me to this type of treatment. It is not right. I get more then enough traffic to have a good conversation going on. Perhaps I should just talk about what everyone else is doing, like the successful blogs do, and shut up about field research. Show some respect - leave a comment.


  1. Tim, I'll take a guess why people don't comment on your blog, I think there afraid if you don't approve of what they say you might make an example of them. Just a guess. Also most of your blog is your opinion and not generic where people feel free to open up.

  2. I agree with the above comment regarding your opinions. Granted it is certainly difficult to blog your interest without letting opinion in. Opinions are great...but...they should be from posters not moderators. Pick an interesting sasquatch topic and ask others to comment (maybe about some other experts opinion)
    Also and please forgive me if I step on any toes here...But any affiliation of connection of your blog with Biscardi will snuff out any serious debate or even casual postings. Most everyone (especially after the Atlanta fiasco) considers him the arch-typical fraud. (hoaxer)

  3. Sometime people just don't know what to say. Most blogs on almost all subjects get relatively few comments compared with the number of views and readers they may actually have.
    Try asking questions at the end of your posts and more people will be likely to give one.
    I am enjoying the blog a lot.
    I agree that territoriality seems to be important even to animals that migrate. They migrate to the same places again and again.


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