Saturday, December 17, 2011

POWERLINES AND BIGFOOT: A new theory in Bigfoot research

The video above was taken by me in November of 2010. It records sounds coming from a power line system that could be a possible form of Sasquatch communication. I was working with a member of a local Bigfoot research group. This area was a spot that they had been observing for years and they had heard activity in the area before. They made no claim as to what that might be, but it was interesting anyway.

The video records the genuine reactions from the two researchers...Fasano hearing this for the first time and formulating a theory on the spot..Cryptoseeker bursting with excitement and acting a little leery of the high tension wires up above. She then explains to Tim the working theory her group has developed.

(She would subsequently state that this video was a hoax. She would imply that Fasano staged and misrepresented it somehow. She now claims it was only hunters, miles in the distance, that we were hearing. Her reaction on the scene shows otherwise).

Jack Barnes of FB/FB ripped this from Youtube when it was up (I did not know that). Jack has done a good amount of research on the importance of Powerlines and how Bigfoot can use them to hide out, communicate, and travel undetected even in heavily populated areas such as New Jersey!

Many people first heard this theory when Matt Moneymaker on the show Finding Bigfoot explained it while in North Carolina. You can see other researchers have been onto this as well.

I once had this video up on YouTube but was told they would sue me if I did not take it down. It does not make her look makes her look genuine. Since I took it down she has had free reign to tell everyone on Facebook that I was hoaxing her that day. I have all seven videos taken at that powerline (32 mins of video) They are unedited and do not show any hoaxing.

The matter WAS over, but now that it has resurfaced on Facebook, I felt a need to comment. I truly hope the past does not keep hanging around. I am over this.

She does state on the last video that there are hunters down the line and they may be moving toward us. But she does not state that is the only reason for what we encountered.

I will stand my ground on this one. Jack of FB/FB published it, I am only using an embed code. If someone has a problem with that, go complain to Jack. I am sure, in a nice way, he will tell you to go piss up a rope.

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