Saturday, December 31, 2011

The New York tree Bigfoot was also shot in Florida by Tim Fasano

Robert Pridjem at Lembo Lake Campground in New York State may have recorded a small Bigfoot in a tree. There were many people there for camping and fun. One of the groups sitting around a campfire recorded some strange behavior in a tree. It may show a baby Bigfoot swinging around. It seems to also show an adult, as well as, the juvenile.

The Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot will profile this video in the season premiere on Sunday night. This video is not the only one ever taken of a Bigfoot in a tree. Tim Fasano recorded one in the summer of 2009. He posted it on Youtube and many experts examined it and confirmed that there was something in the tree.

What Matt Moneymaker will point out Sunday night is how long the arms are on the creature. I want you to notice how long the arms are on the creature that I shot in a tree in Florida three years ago. Chuck007 and Joe Black did a great job in analyzing this video

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