Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meticulous Detail Of an adult specimen Bigfoot

Looks real to me!
What is believed to be the only Bigfoot sculpture to scale resides in a man's living room. A meticulously detailed specimum with hair and eyes is found in the Ozark town of Norfolk.

Clifford LaBrecque, 73, used fiberglass and fur when he had the sculpture commissioned in 1976 after having a Bigfoot sighting behind his wood pile. The stature cost more then $9,000.

LaBrecque says it is "accurate to the inch."

The model stands over eight feet tall and is an exact replica of what LaBrecque says he saw on the night of June 18, 1977. He states his Bigfoot fits many of the descriptions he has heard through the years.

The encounter happened around 10 at night in the backyard of his home outside of Des Moines, Iowa. He states there were nightly visitations for over a week, all behind the wood pile. Evidence of chewing and eating were found the next morning.

He finally decided to shoot the animal to get incontrovertable evidence for the existence of Bigfoot. He positioned his car and waited with a rifle. The animal never came back.

"A second witness to the Windsor Heights incident has long stopped talking about it because of the skepticism, ridicule and laughter the story evokes from listeners, he says.
"You have to understand just how hurtful this can be to the people who have seen Bigfoot," LaBrecque said. He says he has been the subject of extraordinary skepticism for his creation of the Bigfoot model before he actually saw Bigfoot. To LaBrecque it is simply good fortune that the sighting confirmed for him all that he had heard about the creature. It enabled him to better endure the scorn people bring to his story, he says.
LaBrecque said he is resurfacing now in the Bigfoot culture only because of a news reporter's call and renewed interest in the creature that he says was sighted four years ago in a rural area near West Plains, Mo.
"They're here in Norfork," LaBrecque said. "I have talked to people who have seen them."
"This is what they say it looks like," LaBrecque says, pointing to his model."

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