Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Massive treasure trove of Bigfoot prints found in the Green Swamp of Florida

Enigmatic Anomalies website
A research group I am associated with in the Tampa Bay area has found large Bigfoot prints in the Green Swamp of Florida. This may be one of the largest troves every found in North America. They found dozens of them following a turned up clip of dirt. This find is the most important find ever in the State of Florida, for it shows that the Sasquatch may indeed be here. On their website  Enigmatic Anomalies they credit Tim Fasano for leading them to this location. (Click their link to see photos that will blow your mind) They have validated the prints I have found. I thank you guys.

Photo courtesy of Enigmatic Anomalies 
Keven Thomas Kehl, George McGee and Rob Boggus have formed a production company that will soon be making documentaries about a variety of Paranormal topics. We will be filming the first episode next month about the Skunk Ape when they utilize their creepy, but high tech studio in Tampa (six blocks from my house). They may sell this episodes as a pilot to a Cable TV network. Everything is in the works now and they are very interested in my research and have been inspired by it. How cool is that?

The guys were camping in a SWIFMUD area (just as I do) when they came upon a tractor pull by the Florida Wildlife Commission. There was an extraordinary series of tracks unlike anything I have ever see. The most I have found (look on my banner) have been about two or three. This massive find includes dozens.

They had casting gear with them. You can see in the photo the cast setting.

Their website says "It was the impetus of Tim Fasano's work with Keven's thoughtful vectoring that found this place at this time." They were in a truck and Kevin was able to deduce a theoretical range of an elusive Cryptid.

Photo courtesy of Enigmatic Anomalies
They could determine that there were two individuals involved. They thought it could be a mother and a juvenile. They also found tracks up ahead that did not match the first ones found.

Lesson number one in Skunk Ape hunting:
Always have a tape-measure or yardstick.

They did use a twenty dollar bill and quarter to give scale and took many photos while casting them.

Lesson two:
Bring a pedometer to estimate distance. The tracks they found went on for 1,500 feet.

At the campsite they talked to a couple that had been there a while and they said only a Boy Scout troop had been out there. I doubt if any of the kids have feet this big.
I'd say there's a Bigfoot in these woods
Lesson three: Interview any potential witnesses early in your investigation so you don't jump to conclusions

The video below shows how cool their production ability is and why I am excited about working with these guys in the future.


  1. how can i contact you or Tom? I shot a Bigfoot type creature over the Holiday weekend and we finally was able to get in and pull it out of the area. The bottoms was very bad with all of this recent rainfall. We wenched it onto a trailer and was able to pull the trailer with the 4 wheeler. Im estimating its somehwere in the 350 lb range and about almost 7 foot, just a bit under 7 foot. Now that we have it we dont know what to do with it. From what ive heard about you and Tom $50,000 seems to be the usual media asking price, i figure thats a good start. So how do i contact you? I mean if your gonna fill us with Bullshit we might as well do the same to you.

  2. awsome find.wow, that is very good prints,and very big to.i hope that you have more luck tracking it down or get a picture of it.it would be a scary thing though to be in the dark in the deep woods camping out there and how are you able to sleep with all of the animals all around you and do you get woken up by loud sounds in the darkness.you should have some one go with you so that you are not alone.jessica lowery


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