Monday, December 12, 2011

The Jim Holder Bigfoot Video Colorado

 In 2007 Jim Holder and his son captured on a cell phone camera a video of an upright, large hominid walking in front of a tree line in Estes Park, Colorado. This area was near the Rocky Mountain National Park. The use of a cell phone gives it somewhat of a poor quality.

Many Colorado newspapers picked up the story and promoted it as if it was a real Sasquatch encounter. As usual, the Holder's were accused of faking the video to gain fame. This is too bad because it does keep people from coming forward with real video tapes.

In the months that followed, they claimed they may have been hoaxed, but that the video was real. Analyst suggest the creatures penis is visible and it is circumcised. I don't know how you could gleam that amount of detail from this low-resolution tape.Other researchers believe the movements of the animal are consistent with known Bigfoot gate. It is unlikely Jim Holder could have hoaxed this video.

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