Friday, December 2, 2011

The Issue of Poisonous Snakes in Florida

On the look out for snakes
Poisonous snakes abound in Florida. All five of the major vipers live here. Plus, the invasive species that just don't belong here, and are very bad for the Eco-system. I have had a close encounter with many of them. Hence, my trepidation on going any further into this pine area. The pines were thick and compressed when I stood on them. Rodents are all over this area, so are snakes. You really have to watch your footing down here. Stay on dirt roads and trails. Only go off trail when you have good line of sight. Snake boots would be a good investment.

The video below shows an encounter with a Viper when a Bigfoot research group and I were getting out of our vehicles. Darkness (which I will be facing next week) makes this kind of work very dangerous.

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