Sunday, December 11, 2011

"I Do think There's a Skunk Ape in these woods"

Bigfoot campfire at midnight
I was on my third night of this Skunk Ape expedition and had been doing my Bo Bo impersonation of Bigfoot calls. The sand prairie I was on showed much evidence of high animal activity. I did not see any tracks that looked primate in nature but I heard a sustained howl the other night in this area (of course the camera was off).

There was a moon, however, and the sand seemed to be reflecting star light as well, to give some degree of visibility. Yes, star light. I was so far from civilization that the stars could be seen in a way I can not describe. It was beautiful. It was hard to imagine the danger I was really in. Not being armed, anything could have attacked me.

The moon after sunset from the camp
The video below records a response to my howl and other noises from the forest. I was not able to get the same howl I had heard the other night. That is the way this business goes. Luck is very important and in the great expanse of the wilderness, luck may not always be there.

There are hundreds of videos and photos that I am looking at trying to decide in what order to show all of this. I am very busy. Most people don't realize how much time is necessary to be a good Bigfoot Researcher.

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