Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hunters vs Researchers in the Bigfoot world

Last May a group of Bigfoot hunters and researchers came together in the swamps of Florida. It yielded a class A sighting by Mitch Waite of Arizona. Waite has recently put up a YouTube video about the clear differences between hunters and researchers. I would put Mitch in the researcher class, as with me.

The people we worked with in Florida were hunters. They took aggressive action and were ready for anything that may come out of the woods. Their style was not mine.

I go unarmed. I have no weapon. I come in peace and only want to communicate with the primate. I do not want to harm it in any way. Bagging a type A specimum is not my goal.

Others want fame and money for this. That has never been my objective. That may be why I am so protective of the methods used and calling out the hoaxers in the field.

Any method will work. You just have to get out into the woods and figure out your own style.

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