Monday, December 19, 2011

Florida Bigfoot Organization is formed
This new weblog is about the Florida Bigfoot Organization. This org will be devoted to real and scientific research of the Southern Skunk Ape along the Gulf Coast. My goal is to advance on a National level, with organized expeditions. The response for such a thing has been immense.

Anyone willing to offer their time is welcome in this organization. We will need people who have experience in science, hunting, animal identification, and hiking and camping skills. We will take this to the woods, and off of the messge boards. Are you ready?

The Southern Bigfoot is considered to be smaller then it's Pacific Northwest cousin. It has gone thru several evolutionary adaptations to cope with the swamp environment. It has longer hair to ward off bugs, and a smaller size so it produces less heat, to live in a hot environment. It is believed to migrate regionally in the south as the weather changes.

The late spring and summer will give us an opportunity to hook up with resources up north, to go on weekend expeditions with other groups. This is just a possibility, and we are certainly a long way off from this. The economy needs to get much better.

I have received many request from average people who have an interest in the outdoors and Bigfoot who want to help out. Many of these people are experienced in the woods, and have new ideas about how to approach research. There are no official members, only people that I have worked with in the field, and who may want to be included in future outings.

Modern research seems to have reached a dead end with the same old call blasting and wood knocking not yielding much evidence (it did not for me last week in the Green Swamp). A new paradigm might be developed by cooperation among people in which the money factor has been eliminated.

No money will change hands. I may even cater most of the events for I like to cook chicken and burgers over an open fire, and backwoods camping allows that to happen.

Just wanted to let you know what my ambition is for a new way to get this research on the road and off of the comment sections of blogs that accomplish nothing.

I have scheduled an expedition in Central Florida for Mid February. It will be over a three day period but you don't have to stay all three days. Primitive camping may not be for you and this is one good way to find out. Anything you could do to help, is more then welcome.

I hope this takes off and something becomes of it, like real evidence instead of folk tales.

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