Monday, December 26, 2011

Does the Freeman Bigfoot video show an infant?

The Freeman Bigfoot video is considered the second most important video in Bigfoot history. It shows a large, upright, hairy creature walking with deliberate, heavy steps. There are many that believe this may indeed be a Bigfoot. The resolution was about the best you will get from 1994 technology.

Paul Freeman was a watershed employee in the Pacific Northwest who had found a series of footprints that he casted. He sort of became famous and once appeared on Good Morning America showing off some of his cast. It was on this show that he admitted he had faked some of them.

Dr. Meldrun has the largest collection of Sasquatch footprints in the world. Some of his castings are from Paul Freeman. Dr. Meldrun believes you should not throw the baby out with the bathwater because some of them may indeed be the real deal.

The strangest thing of all of this is the film may show the Bigfoot picking up an infant at the end of it. Would this be a detail that a hoaxer would add in? I don't think so. Why bother when you don't even know if anyone will see the film anyway.

There is something about the Freeman film that I cannot dismiss out of hand.

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