Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Bigfoot Expedition is launched

A view of the swamp from the forest road leading out to camp
I received a permit from SWIFMUD to go into a very primitive area that overlooks a closed, if not, forbidden zone of the Green Swamp. I was hoping to be alone and I was not disappointed. I was alone at the camp and that meant I could research my way without any interruption.

The 40,000 acre tract is now mostly swamp after plentiful summer rains. This is good. The swamp ape needs swamp to survive. I took many photos and videos on the first day to show people what the environment is like now in the Green Swamp.

I am at the midway point of all this and the weather has been crazy. We had record highs yesterday of over 83 degrees, tonight, it will be in the 40's. This is difficult to deal with, but expected in Florida this time of year.

A large campfire to draw skunk ape into camp
Last night I recorded clear tree breaks in the forbidden zone, and a howl that sounded more like Matt Moneymaker then anything. My video camera seems to have picked all of this up.

I can't tell you have scared I am. I have not been sleeping much at night. There is too much going on.

With the right type of equipment, the source of that howl could be located and found. It could take weeks or months for dedicated researchers to do this. You would have to have the time and the money. Things that right now are in short supply for me.

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  1. wow,looks like you are going to be busy for a while.good luck on the green swamp,and finding the skunk ape to.god bless you in every way and be safe out there.i would be scared to do what a lot of the researchers do.let me know what happened while you are out there and what you find.good luck.


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