Friday, November 11, 2011

The Bigfoot Season In Florida is now

Me at home on the patio
We had the first cold snap of the season last night and that is when I like to sit out on the patio and play my chess and work on my blogs after work. In fact, this is something you can do in January when the people up north are digging snow out of the driveway. We don't get snow down here.

Today was just a wonderful day and I had the energy to sit on the porch and get some stuff done. The holiday's are coming and I am looking forward to the food and fellowship. One of the local radio stations has already gone to a 24 hour Christmas music format. I don't know about you, but that is a bit early. Everything has a time and place. I wait until at least the day after turkey day to play the x-mas music.

This weekend will be PERFECT for Bigfoot research. I will be out in field for much of it and should have some new videos to put up on my YouTube channel. Gee, the guys up north are now getting cold and I am finally ablt to get going with this.

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