Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Large Game Trail Could yield results.

On the way out to find the animal trial that was made by very large beast, I found this area in the open that looked like something very large has been moving through often and creating much damage. In tracking, you learn that Bigfoot or Skunk Ape will do things in a big way. This area had be trampled like a stampede had moved across.

An area with much activity 
I took a picture of fresh break on a tree limb. That has to be new by only a few days. The grass was pushed down and the earth kicked up. It could be pigs, but when I combine this with the nearby trail that is very wide that elephants could go down, I have to consider everything.

Fresh tree break
Keep in mind that this area has not been worked in months because of the heat and the bugs. Animals have had their way back here. Trial cams would be the best way to find out what is leaving this destruction back here. You would not have to leave them up long. I believe this is nightly activity.

The trail I was looking for was only a few hundred feet away. This area is very active with something and I will do what I can in the next few months to find out just what that is.

What is strange is I ran into a forest ranger when he cam by on his ATV and we had a talk. I asked him about the trail up ahead and he said they were not sure what caused that trail. He said hikers have not been out here in months but something was maintaining it.

I felt good about that knowledge and know I am on the right track.

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