Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Bigfoot Hunt Last Summer (Class A sighting)

Mitch (red shirt) and Tom (black shirt) just seconds after a class A sighting in Florida
The weather is turning cooler and the new Bigfoot season is upon us. But before we go full bore into the 'Bigfoot Season' in Florida, I wanted to post some videos from last summer (which is the slow time for us).

I did get to work in the field with 'the worlds greatest Bigfoot hunter' Tom Biscardi. He brought along some of his crew and we even had a class "A" sighting in the field. This video was taken just seconds after Mitch saw the Bigfoot from the back of Tom's SUV.

I was in the vehicle behind them and I could see all four of his team pile out and run into the bush. They were moving fast for a bunch of old guys. I caught up with them and documented it on video which you can see here. Mitch is a devout Mormon and there is no way he would lie about what he saw. The creature was moving into the exact area where we had put up the trail cams and bait. We were confident it had played into our hands.

The two videos below show what happened just seconds after the Bigfoot sighting in the Green Swamp of Florida. We were on the Polk county border.

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