Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bigfoot and Playboy Babes

Loren Coleman has a chapter on his book on Bigfoot about "Bigfoot and Playboy". It seems there was a production crew from a Playboy shoot that was on its way back after dark from a shoot. The crew was riding in a charter bus.

The bus passed an upright object on the side of the road. Several people saw it from out their windows, A short video was taken of this possible Bigfoot. People have looked at it over the years and believe it looks much like "Patty." Others think it is just a man in a suit.

The "Playboy" video was shot in the high Sierra mountain range in Nevada. This is the type of area that some would call 'squatchy.' It could have been a hoax. But who would have been on the side of the road for thirty people to see when their buss went by? I am surprised this video does not get more play. Most people have still not heard of it.

I was once in the business of producing Playboy style images for Internet sites. The video below has some of my Bigfoot images and videos. It also has some images of the ladies I photographed (with bikinis on - Youtube won't allow the other stuff). This is a depart from me just walking thru the woods.

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