Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anatomy Of A Bigfoot Game Trail

Note the lack of overgrowth meaning very wide and tall animals are moving
In the years I have been doing Skunk Ape research, I have now found what I believe are two bonafide game trails used by the big hairy guy. One is in the Green Swamp and this one is in a SWIFMUD area. These are significant finds, for they show location and motivation. There must be a solid reason for the trails. In the trail pictured here- it is all about natural resources.

This trail leads down to a major river in Florida and it begins in an area of large Ferrel pig activity. A Bigfoot would have food and water at an inexhaustible supply. The permanent residents here may stay year long, hence the vegetation for cover, and the summer heat that keeps people out of here.

The forest ranger confirmed with me that this trail is not official, and not used by hikers. He speculates hogs made it. But, how do you explain the lack of overgrowth? Something much taller then me is forging this trail.

The opening into the Bigfoot trail
Down by the river is the famous shelter I found with the water bottle. I think it may have been used as a child's toy, or something. Everything about this area is falling into place in a logical place as far as Bigfoot research goes.

Night operations would be the way to do this in both locations. I would want some type of FLIR or have others with me. I know how to get into this area after dark. We would be entering at our own risk - which would be considerable.

Long before Tiger wears red in the Masters, I want to form a team to work these areas. I know we are close to finding habitat areas of non-migratory skunk apes.

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