Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alone in the "Land of Giants"

The primitive campsite I will be at next week (I got my permission today from the state of Florida) faces a river that was closed by SWIFMUD after a hiker vanished, and was never found. Bigfoot researchers for years witnessed strange things in there, and thought a find was close. Florida had other ideas and the area has now been closed since 2006.

No problem. The campsite area happens to look right at it. There is a river, so I will sound blast at night, and do call sounds, and aim my video. This area is vast, with miles of game trails, wooded areas, large prairies and swamps.

This is something I have been dreaming about for some time. My new wallpaper shows the swamp prairie were Biscardii put the peanut butter on the side of the tree when we worked in here last May. You can see the real beauty of this area. No matter what, it should be fun.

I have a van now which I will be sleeping in. I would be too vulnerable in a tent. Skunk Apes could rip it apart and kill me. At least in a van, they would have to bust the windows out and I would have time to start the engine and take off. Gee...explain that to insurance - giant apes busted out the windows and caused massive body damage.

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