Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ocala National Forest Expedition Is ON

Tim Fasano In Ocala National Forest
My team is on its way to Ocala into a deep section of the National forest. This is a broad area, and good luck in trying to find us. We will be there until Sunday. Ocala was the home of a confirmed 'Sasquatch' sighting, along with prints casted by forest rangers in 1948. The clear prints were 18' long and made at the time of several sighting reports.

We will be on the edge of a wilderness preserve. I am afraid to say more. Just keep coming back to this blog and you will be informed about everything.

Our day operations will be late week, with everything leading too the night explorations on Friday and Saturday. If we don't find Bigfoot, we will still have much fun. We have lots of food and the weather will be much cooler to sit around the campfire and tell scary stories. You can't beat that.

I am very committed in the next few months to exploring much of the state of Florida that I have not been able to get too. I am very excited about this.

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