Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Monsters Are Among Us

The screenwriter Rod Serling once said, “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs, explosions, and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, and prejudices to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill; suspicion can destroy. Moreover, a frightened, thoughtless search for a scapegoat can have a fallout all its own.”

The pity of this behavior is that it is universal, and not confined to the Twilight Zone. It has run rampant in the paranormal world, especially in the Bigfoot community. Mindless theories, prejudices toward others based on physical appearance, suspicion and fear have strangled the life force out of a thriving pursuit.

Facilitated by social media, it has fueled polemics to a level previously unseen. Who is “finding Bigfoot’ has been replaced with distrust of others motives. What someone looks like, or said about someone else, is now more important then recorded audios and possible video captures. Those things will now be dismissed out of hand. Pointing out the employment of the person, or what he tips the scales at, dismisses the validity of evidence obtained.

Rod Serling referred to the human mind metaphorically as “Maple Street.”  In an episode called The Monsters on Maple Street he showed how the real monsters in our world are not Bigfoot or aliens, but the monsters that are in our minds.

An innocent victim of fear and ignorance on Maple Street
In this episode, a UFO landed on a hilltop, and beneath it was Maple Street. The aliens caused the power to go off and on, and then go out. Intermittently they would turn the power on to only one house and the people would look with suspicion on the resident of that home. In a matter of hours, fear reached a fever pitch and neighbors started killing the other residents of Maple Street.

The aliens had now found a new tool of conquest…they would let man destroy himself.

They concluded, correctly, that Earth must be full of these Maple Streets. They would simply go from town to town, play with the infrastructure a bit, and humans would destroy themselves without the need of an invasion or any other tool of conquest.


I began doing Bigfoot videos in 2009. I was dedicated and worked hard at it. I began to study topical maps of Florida to find good, remote areas. A consideration of wildlife and water sources was crucial to where I would go. This new hobby was exciting and I enjoyed reading the comments on my videos. That, sadly, took an ominous turn shortly after I began.

Many comments were hurtful and insulting. I had to block them. I am not thin skinned; I simply had no interest in reading them - many of these commenters where trolls, but not all of them. Some were experienced researchers who I thought would welcome a newcomer. I was wrong.

The insulting comments were relentless. In almost all of them, I was called fat and a taxi driver. I have no problem with how I look, or what I have been doing for twenty years to earn a living. It seems many Bigfoot people did.

All of the major blogs refused to mention me in their post. They had to have known about my work. The omission was not by accident. It soon became obvious what they really wanted. They wanted community support.

Most of what is going on in the Bigfoot world was about going to conferences, doing radio shows, and blogging. I even started a Bigfoot Blog to join the club. I thought that was what you were supposed to do. Again, I was wrong.


I got an invitation to work with an independent Bigfoot research group out of Central Florida. I was excited. I am social by nature and wanted to go out with people who had been doing this much longer then me.

I met them on a Saturday morning and one of the first things they told me was they had been informed that I was a hoaxer. (Strange? I post EVERY SECOND OF VIDEO I TAKE IN THE FIELD - even the ‘out takes.’ The fact that I do not edit anything, and show all that I got, means there is no hoax. You see and hear what the camera recorded. You draw your own conclusion).

Two trolls on Facebook were trying to sabotage the outing. It worked. My contact person with the group basically ignored me the whole time and walked far ahead of me. We were perhaps together about five minutes the whole time. The poison of hate, fear and prejudice had begun.

Subsequently, I was able to work for one day in the field with Tom Biscardi and his team. They were in Florida to see me, and I was honored to work with anyone that would make that kind of effort to come see me.

Tom is a really good guy
What is ironic is that Tom is supposed to be a hoaxer. I am supposed to be a hoaxer. We were in the field with his truck full of goodies. Hell, we could have pulled the biggest hoax ever. The truth is we did not find squat. Tom left the Green Swamp area of Polk county because he did not think it offered much promise. I disagree; he left anyway.

The person that set up the meeting with Tom and I lives out west. In fact, he was going to be on the trip but canceled at the last minute. He now holds the fact that I worked with Tom - for about five hours - over my head. He thinks I am part of his team. I am Tom’s ass buddy or something. I have not seen Tom since he left last May.


I did a Google search of Bigfoot and myself and I was shocked. I had no clue about so much that was being said. So many people were badmouthing me using anonymous names that I could not keep tract with all of them. Then, there was Sharon Lee.

She went on the Steve Kull’s radio show and called me every name in the book. She called me fat, a douchbag, a fool, and on and on. Her language was so vile, Steve took the archive of that show off his website. It was so bad, that a blogger, researcher in Texas, Melissa Hovan, believed she owed me an apology because Lee lit into her in the same breath she mentioned me.

Sharon Lee contacted Tom Biscardi about getting him to ask me to remove a Facebook comment someone had left on my wall about her ‘sleeping her way to the top’ of the Bigfoot world. I took it down immediately. What that person said about her was insulting. Sharon contacted me after I did that, not to thank me, but to call me an asshole and Tom Bacardi’s ‘toadie.’ The urban dictionary defines toadie as an ass kisser. How nice.

The trolls have still been coming after me on Face book. I have blocked them, but I still see their comments thru mutual friends’ walls. There is no escape. Steve Kulls (who co-stars in all of Tom Biscardi’s movies) list me on his wall of shame…the same one he has Tom on. That is because I disagreed with him. Even though I have no contact ever with these people, they will not let up. I decided to try to even the score.


I created a blog from a design of a defunct blog called Bigfoot busters. I chose that name because of name recognition from the ultimate troll who had it before to insult only me, tcsjrbigfoot, and other YouTube posters. I learned that he sits on the board of directors of the American Sasquatch Association. And he wanted to lecture me about standards. His blog was mean, unfounded, full of lies, and was soon taken down by a lawsuit working with law enforcement.

In the short month, I have had the Bigfoot buster blog; I can support everything I have said. In fact, I thought I was fair and honest about everything. I even called myself fat! The guy out west I stuck it to him hard by showing an email from a production company that rejected his casting call. He was angry as hell.


He left a message on my phone and said he would come to Florida and hunt me down. He said he would find me and I could take that as a threat. He was nobody to mess with and he would take action. I considered that a DEATH THREAT.

Is this what all this Bigfoot stuff has come down too? We are now living on Maple Street dealing with the monsters in our minds. Jealousy, rage and fear are casting a pall over the whole community. I have completely lost my interest.

I have many other things I need to be doing with my life, busting my ass for hours every day to create YouTube videos is no longer what I need to do. I am removing all of my videos. I will put back up just a few of the ones I like.  From now on, the videos will be about my taxi driving experiences and the Florida lifestyle. I have been missing much and now know what I should be doing.

I do take death threats seriously. In Florida, we are the only State that has a “stand your ground’ rule dealing with self defense. If someone shows up on your doorstep or threatens you in any way, you can defend yourself with extreme force. Simple as that. You are under no obligation to retreat from any situation. I love that about Florida.

This man is a terrorist. He has been stalking and cyber tracking me for months. I will not tolerate any of his shit anymore. I will not deal with a terrorist except in one way...strength. This man asked for it; He is going to get it. He needs to go away and stop calling me on the phone with this chowder dribble. He needs to stop slandering me on Facebook. I am not slandering him. He was rejected by the production company because he just did not have the look. Sorry man, I am sure your wife and kids still love you.


This Bigfoot stuff is simply not worth it anymore. I had a great life before Bigfoot; I will have a great life after Bigfoot. I do want to thank my subs and real friends like tcsjrbigfoot. Thanks guys, this has been real but a little too real.

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