Sunday, September 4, 2011

Standing Your Ground In The Bigfoot World

Tim Fasano and Tom Biscardi Ready To Go Deep Into Enemy Territory

Tom and I were planning on working in Florida and got a permit for SWIFMUD to work that area the week after Memorial Day. I told tom a local group works that area and they beleive the skunk ape lives in ther. Tom was on his way.

Tom arrived on Tuesday May 31, 2011. He brought his crew and we met at the Waffle House on SR.51 just as you go into the Richloam tract of the Green Swamp off of I-75. We had breakfast, got to know each other, and Tom showed me some photos of them inn the field in Arkansas. We were soon off to the work area.
Biscardi and Fasano searching the area we will work at night
One of the things that tom likes to do is search the night work area in the morning to see if there is evidence of wildlife. there is a large open area about halfway to the camp that gives you line-of-site to the horizon. It is the rare treeline that is now your target. We began looking for animal signs. We found some, including may tracks of deer and coyote. We set up camera traps and we would return at night to bait them and set up more at the actual campsite.

We went the three miles deep into this area to where the campsite is along the river. Biscardi spotted an owl on a tree limb on the other side of the river. I took a good video of this. You should have seen Tom smile. It was as if this 'sighting' was worth the trip. There was, however, a different kind of sighting that I was hoping for later that night. I was excited and had been waiting for this for a long time.
The Owl At The Campsite along the river
A research group with decades of experience was down here in Florida and wanting too work with me. I could learn alot from them. They also had state of the art thermal and night optics that I would be able to use for the first time. I had come along way since I started and I was glad to finally be able to work with people who would put their egos aside, and be real men.

Tom and I saw wild boar, wild turkey, we found buck tracks and spotted an owl at the campsite - It was a very large one. There seemed to be a good abundance of animals in the area. We would latter at night spot several coyotes in the large prairie that is in there.   That was by using the FLIR and aiming it along the tree line.

This is when you have to be very patient and just wait for something to happen. The first time I used it, I thought Bigfoot would walk out of the woods in the first five minutes. It was not to be and I learned from the experience. Mitch stood ground and worked the night optics till the wee hours of the morning with no real results. That is just the way it goes in this kind of research.
Tim and David baiting at night in the Green Swamp
When we went in at night we used peanut butter and canned fish to rub on the trees all through this Green Swamp tract. David Hoes came along. David is a good guy with an open mind. He was sceptical at first but he can testify that their was no hoaxing going on. Tom and I found what we thought was a footprint. David did not agree. Cool. That is why I wanted him on the expedition. He was a calm voice of reason. I took many videos which you can find on my YouTube channel..fasanotampa.

The camera traps yielded results, I am sure. The agreement I had with Tom Biscardi was that I could take all the videos I wanted but he would keep and own all that he took. We had a handshake and that was all I needed to know how honorable the man was. I know he has images taken in the dark from the Green Swamp that he is keeping for himself. Good for Tom.

The sad fact is we did not find the skunk ape. I believe this area has been worked over by local researchers. I was told decades ago there were herds of migrating deer in the area. They have now left because of Bigfoot researchers call blasting. It scares them and they leave, so does the big hairy guy as well. There are better areas we will work next time.

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