Friday, September 9, 2011

Tim Powell Is the Troll "Cryptoflorida" Of Facebook

T. G. Powell is "Cryptoflorida Cryptoflorida of Facebook fame. He claims to be a life long cryptozoologist who always maintained an interest in the supernatural. Born in the heartland of Illinois, he got an early start watching the late night monster movies on television every weekend. 

He began his journey as an author writing many articles for outdoor type magazines (he claims). He says he is an avid hunter, fisherman and outdoors-man, he always stuck to the thought, "A day in the woods is better than a week indoors." 

Now residing on Florida's Gold Coast, he says look for the many other spine chilling works dealing with the super natural and cryptozoology he will be producing in the months to come (He has not written a thing in two years. He has been too busy going after Tim Fasano).

This man is a fraud and should be considered dangerous. He is the "unibomber" of Bigfoot. He lives in St. Petersburg Florida and post on Facebook under the name of "Cryptoflorida - Cryptoflorida." He does no field research, and does not hunt. He is a frustrated individual and finds it necessary to actively go after people he thinks are a threat. I hear he has two freezers in his home, and one of them is full. Until now, his identity has been unknown. Did he think I would not use my considerable resources to find him out? 

His biggest mistake was a comment he left on the Orlando Sentinel website a couple years ago. An IP address emerged that matched the one on my Typepad blog that he left as "Ben Dover." Sorry Ben, the jig is up. 

He claims to be a writer. All I can find is that he is a self published author who uses a vanity press to print his stupid books that read like a mongoloid retard wrote them. Check out his link here. If you are familiar with the Frankenstein myth, you will see how lame his title is to the only book he self-published.

He has been cyber-stalking me for the last two years on the Internet and he recently found out that I had an arrest in 2003 for a misdemeanor that was dropped for lack of evidence. He is now informing everyone he can about it. He is disrespecting the name of Julianne and I will not stand for that. 

You have been made asshole. I will track you down, and take you into court. You are a pathetic piece of shit. Start running now you cocksucker. You once said I had an ugly face and I was fat. You are a fat, bald, short, thin mustached total flop with women. Now that I see how horrible you look, I know why you chose the horror field. 

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