Friday, September 16, 2011

Skunk Ape Prints Going Into Alligator Infested River

They said on the show Finding Bigfoot that the Florida Skunk Ape lived in alligator dens. This may be video evidence of that claim. These prints are smaller then mine, and seem to have claw like toes, and go into a river full of gators. You can hear a gator grunt at the :34 mark. This is no joke.

You do not want to go into this river. You will not come out! Something seemed to be very comfortable with this environment. It is nasty and hot down there. Bugs will eat you alive. This is typical for this time of year on these jungle rivers.

This area was behind my primitive campsite along this river. Yes, it was hot. I was not digging it; I was just doing it. I was doing what was needed for this type of research.


  1. I really hate these online post forms ..with the "enter code' letters... I just lost a rather long post..
    a portion of which was saved.. I wont retype..

    this is the key part:
    apehuman said...

    My research indicates Bigfoots can detect light in the 950nm amount of hiding a trail cam will hide the emission of light in that range.
    I have held this information somewhat closely for a few years, as I had done some experiments and a mistake/techno failure led to interesting results I capitalized on with a new set up and so on.

    This info I did share with a few, among them the Erickson project and they agreed....that was almost three years ago...they were supposed to come out with FLIR, etc. etc many promises for me to spill my guts. Given the very competitive and less than kind (glass dowsn't cause injury? infection of the mouth...etc...not happy with that method at all...) manner (unprofessional) in which Erickson and Phlogh (sp?) have dealt with me (I assume others as well) I might as well just put it out there.
    If you don't believe me keep using those "covert IR"
    seriously, dump the IR sources (even the NV lenses emit some light in this range...) and move to low light or FLIR. Great results with FLIR and no indication the Bigfoots "see" it as any kind of dangerous equipment as they barely ducked when in use in field (no flashlights or won't get close).

    I have not posted my data/video etc....don't see the point until the species is proven....too much info for those close to me and hunting in barbaric style.....and the anthropologists not yet did I end up here?

    Three years, 30 just unfolded of the problems with habituation programs is the deep responsibility it should create in the researcher... I did not use glass. The possible DNA I obtained still sitting on the plate I collected (I used velcro - the plastic part to remove cells from mouth) for Ericiskon...who I was never able to reach again....geez..Bigfooters are the strangest and biggest BSers I have ever met..and that from a lawyer!

    My first evidence was a day video that showed a juveniles hands... I guess I never thought they were apes because my data came in so fast indicating anything but.... in fact for some time I thought perhaps feral humans....but there are enough differences that a subspecies is possible...

  2. need to go out there as someone who brings something of value to your subject. They are every bit as "smart" as you...and much more "educated" as they are in the territory they were raised from the Burbs..

    smart is the ability to learn....are you smart?
    education is the sum of your learning.... they are way ahead of you on that curve as they have been observing us quietly..forever....

    put down the flashlights, the guns... and sit quietly in the dark...sing...share the best of our culture (there isn't much..the arts is about it)... they don't really want anything we have,,,except a meal once in a while and entertainment...

    Once you establish a relationship with the same Bigfoots...then you can get more creative...and perhaps you will be rewarded as I was: A serenade at close range... absolutely mind blowing and my direct anecdotal (not recorded..caught me off guard just after sundown) evidence that they are capable of mimicry that rivals our own ability (and exceeds our average)...another BIG indication they are human as the only other primates know to whistle well...well there aren't any (Orangs whistles are weak)...

    so wake up..listen to the forest, all may not be what it seems/sounds.


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