Thursday, September 22, 2011

A sand pine forest in search of a research area

Not much shade out here
Florida has a diverse ecology. It is not unusual to be on a trail in a swamp, then go through a wooded area, and then enter a sand pine forest with visibility to   the horizon. I was in a sand pine forest over the weekend but I may have picked the wrong time of year. There is no shade in these areas and the sun was beating down.

There is a primitive camp area deed into this track for backpackers to spend the night. Because of the heat, I never made it to that area. It is controlled by SWIFMUD, so I may be able to get gate access to it. That would work out great. I could then use the camp as a base for night operations. With the visibility in the area, the night could yield results.

I believe in using a base camp to branch out from at night when looking for Bigfoot or the skunk ape. Some people want to hang out at camp and let the creature come to you. That works as well. I have gotten results doing just that. However, when you are with a group, it is better to get to work in all directions.

I hope to have some kind of thermal by the spring of the year. So much the better. It will take time but I will eventually have all the gear one day.
Raid during summer forms 'lakes'

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