Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harley Hoffman Bigfoot Film Shows Detail Of A Possible Sasquatch

Note spine and deltoid detail
The Harley Hoffman Bigfoot film shows detail uncommon in most fake Bigfoot hoax films. It was shot in  British Columbia in 2001 under unknown circumstances. That seems to be the biggest problem with this film.

Hoffman has not spoken publicly since he shot the film and we know little about him. He and his brother seem to be more eccentric then Todd Standing. For example, Haley's brother once had a website trying to prove the existence of Santa Claus! This is all strange, except this film.

The quality and resolution is outstanding, and not your garden variety blobsquatch. Features of hair length and color are visible on this video. Why would cheap hoaxers be concerned with such detail similar to the Patterson film

This film  has detail and it is very similar to the Patterson Gimlim Film. The major detail of the film that has always convinced me of it possibly being real is the width of the back with deltoids and triceps definition and a clear spine seen on the back. I will let the images and video demonstrate this.

This is not a cheap monkey suit. If all they wanted was a few seconds of video to hoax, there is way too much going on here for their basic needs.

The only drawback here is the strange behaviour of the people involved. Film seems to be edited and I would like to know where it was shot and see the entire video unedited.
Note detail compared with Harley Hoffman Film

The Harley Hoffman film is on YouTube. You can watch it here and decide for yourself. Other then this, I really don't know much about Harley Hoffman or anything else. More research will be needed. 

Loren Coleman tried to get details out of Hoffman, but was unable to. The video was first posted in 2006 on YouTube as "BIGFOOT Video WTF Insane!!!”

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